Top 10: Favorite Makeup Artists on Insta

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Photo by O M K A R on

When I’m not trying to keep up with my friends, I love scrolling endlessly on Instagram finding new makeup artists to be inspired by. I’ve been doing this for *years* so I decided to compile a list for anyone who’s looking to find bomb artists.

These ladies are super talented and inspirational. Enjoy!!fullsizeoutput_288a

  1. @glambyliz fullsizeoutput_28c2
  2. @sharikajonayfullsizeoutput_28c13. @themelaninbeautyreportfullsizeoutput_28bd4. @divaswigsfullsizeoutput_29115. @glambylesle.yfullsizeoutput_291e6. @naezrahlooksfullsizeoutput_29197. @imkayladurrettfullsizeoutput_29068. @glowbysophfullsizeoutput_290a9. @starryluuvfullsizeoutput_292810. @lordchyna