Top 10: Favorite Makeup Artists on Insta

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When I’m not trying to keep up with my friends, I love scrolling endlessly on Instagram finding new makeup artists to be inspired by. I’ve been doing this for *years* so I decided to compile a list for anyone who’s looking to find bomb artists.

These ladies are super talented and inspirational. Enjoy!!fullsizeoutput_288a

  1. @glambyliz fullsizeoutput_28c2
  2. @sharikajonayfullsizeoutput_28c13. @themelaninbeautyreportfullsizeoutput_28bd4. @divaswigsfullsizeoutput_29115. @glambylesle.yfullsizeoutput_291e6. @naezrahlooksfullsizeoutput_29197. @imkayladurrettfullsizeoutput_29068. @glowbysophfullsizeoutput_290a9. @starryluuvfullsizeoutput_292810. @lordchyna

Black Friday: Time to Fall in Love with Capitalism đŸ˜


Black Friday is an extremely interesting concept and each year the day of sales intensifies. Growing up I remember Black Friday deals starting at the early hours of 5am on Friday. However, a couple years ago I worked Thanksgiving day and Black Friday at a local Abercrombie and Fitch :). We’re trained to anticipate “crazy deals” to kick off the intense retail holiday season when in reality, the discounts given are generally low par. The only way this day is beneficial to the average consumer is if they had a premeditated need for the product. So if you don’t need it don’t fall for it! Anyways, here’s a list of some deals from places of love.


And yes, I *need* makeup.


Morphe: 25% off

Coastal Scents: Up to 70% off

Missguided: 50% off with code: useme

Simmi London: 25% off

Oh Polly: 50% off site wide

Nordstrom: Up to 60% off

H&M: 30% off in stores and online

Ulta: Door busters @ $15, $20, & $25


Pink Friday!!


Today I wanted to switch it up and do something a little bit creative with this pink look. I’ve been feeling very inspired from gurus I follow. Recently, I’ve been loving this wave of hot pink I’ve been seeing on Instagram and decided to join the fun. This only could’ve been better with chunky glitterđŸ€«. Maybe next time….


I was able to create this bold look using coastal scents eyeshadows. I’ve been using coastal scents for years and it’s honestly slept on so this is everyone’s alarm clock. Their colors have great pigmentation and each shadow is less than $3!

Warm Everyday Eyeshadow Look

My go-to eyeshadow look is this warm brown palette that is subtle enough for everyday use! For this look I used the same Morphe eyeshadow palette I reviewed last week because we’re in college and want to make the most out of the palettes we buy!! The key to the flawless application is blending!


For my next look, what would you guys like to see? Pink, purple, rainbow?? Let me know in the comments below.