D.C.C.B.: Flavio’s


Food!! This past week, my friend and I were craving Italian from somewhere other than V*piano’s (maybe I’ll tell the story about why I’m never going back there again in another post).

But alas, my friend and I traveled all the way to Georgetown in the hopes of finding good Italian food. We made a reservation with Flavio’s and had high hopes when we got there. Disappointment came crashing in when the waiter served us water with brown particles in it.

*RED FLAG #1!*

We quickly asked for bottled water and kept it pushing even though we should’ve grabbed our stuff and went to our backup reservation with Clyde’s. After a minute the food finally came. I’d give my meal a solid 7/10 based on an absence of flavor (so unfortunate).

*RED FLAG #2!!*

Overall experience was a 5/10 due to cleanliness, secret basements where the basement was, and management. I’m cool off going back.