Kevin Spacey Ruined House of Cards


To my friends, it’s no secret that I love House of Cards. The lies, scheming, suspense. All of it is great, well, was… I say “was” because in 2017, Kevin Spacey single handedly ruined my favorite show by being a creep. Years after the attack happened, a young man came out and admitted that Kevin Spacey had abused him while they were filming a movie. He was only 14….


And I knew there was something wrong with Kevin Spacey after I saw American Beauty. It’s truly unfortunate that white men in powerful positions feel as though they have the right to anyone’s body and we see that across years, genders, and industries. I hope the victim of this crime is able to go through his day to day life with a sense of peace and I know Kevin Spacey will inevitably receive what karma has in store.

So far, the sixth and final season of House of Cards is very, como se dice… Susan B Anthony. Meaning * a lot* of white feminism with very little representation from black women or people of color. As you could infer, this season is doing absolutely NOTHING for me and I would give anything to make Kevin Spacey a decent human being so that I could have a proper series finale.