Top 10: Favorite Makeup Artists on Insta

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When I’m not trying to keep up with my friends, I love scrolling endlessly on Instagram finding new makeup artists to be inspired by. I’ve been doing this for *years* so I decided to compile a list for anyone who’s looking to find bomb artists.

These ladies are super talented and inspirational. Enjoy!!fullsizeoutput_288a

  1. @glambyliz fullsizeoutput_28c2
  2. @sharikajonayfullsizeoutput_28c13. @themelaninbeautyreportfullsizeoutput_28bd4. @divaswigsfullsizeoutput_29115. @glambylesle.yfullsizeoutput_291e6. @naezrahlooksfullsizeoutput_29197. @imkayladurrettfullsizeoutput_29068. @glowbysophfullsizeoutput_290a9. @starryluuvfullsizeoutput_292810. @lordchyna

Black Friday: Time to Fall in Love with Capitalism đŸ˜


Black Friday is an extremely interesting concept and each year the day of sales intensifies. Growing up I remember Black Friday deals starting at the early hours of 5am on Friday. However, a couple years ago I worked Thanksgiving day and Black Friday at a local Abercrombie and Fitch :). We’re trained to anticipate “crazy deals” to kick off the intense retail holiday season when in reality, the discounts given are generally low par. The only way this day is beneficial to the average consumer is if they had a premeditated need for the product. So if you don’t need it don’t fall for it! Anyways, here’s a list of some deals from places of love.


And yes, I *need* makeup.


Morphe: 25% off

Coastal Scents: Up to 70% off

Missguided: 50% off with code: useme

Simmi London: 25% off

Oh Polly: 50% off site wide

Nordstrom: Up to 60% off

H&M: 30% off in stores and online

Ulta: Door busters @ $15, $20, & $25


F.O.T.D: My Favorite Pair of Shoes


Today’s F.O.T.D. is dedicated to my favorite pair of shoes.. these thigh high, strappy heels from Pretty Little Thing. These heels take, no exaggeration, 20 minutes to get in but they’re sooo worth it. The intricate strap detail makes it super unique and wearable for multiple looks.


The rest of the outfit is super simple. I found a plain black long sleeve t-shirt and cut up a pair of boyfriend jeans from H&M that had split beyond repair.


D.C.C.B.: Flavio’s


Food!! This past week, my friend and I were craving Italian from somewhere other than V*piano’s (maybe I’ll tell the story about why I’m never going back there again in another post).

But alas, my friend and I traveled all the way to Georgetown in the hopes of finding good Italian food. We made a reservation with Flavio’s and had high hopes when we got there. Disappointment came crashing in when the waiter served us water with brown particles in it.

*RED FLAG #1!*

We quickly asked for bottled water and kept it pushing even though we should’ve grabbed our stuff and went to our backup reservation with Clyde’s. After a minute the food finally came. I’d give my meal a solid 7/10 based on an absence of flavor (so unfortunate).

*RED FLAG #2!!*

Overall experience was a 5/10 due to cleanliness, secret basements where the basement was, and management. I’m cool off going back.

Kevin Spacey Ruined House of Cards


To my friends, it’s no secret that I love House of Cards. The lies, scheming, suspense. All of it is great, well, was… I say “was” because in 2017, Kevin Spacey single handedly ruined my favorite show by being a creep. Years after the attack happened, a young man came out and admitted that Kevin Spacey had abused him while they were filming a movie. He was only 14….


And I knew there was something wrong with Kevin Spacey after I saw American Beauty. It’s truly unfortunate that white men in powerful positions feel as though they have the right to anyone’s body and we see that across years, genders, and industries. I hope the victim of this crime is able to go through his day to day life with a sense of peace and I know Kevin Spacey will inevitably receive what karma has in store.

So far, the sixth and final season of House of Cards is very, como se dice… Susan B Anthony. Meaning * a lot* of white feminism with very little representation from black women or people of color. As you could infer, this season is doing absolutely NOTHING for me and I would give anything to make Kevin Spacey a decent human being so that I could have a proper series finale.

Must Listens of The Week: PERIOD!

fullsizeoutput_28ccHey everyone!! It’s a special time in my life right now because City Girls just dropped a new album. Now are the City Girls industry plants? Yes. Do they write their own music? Of course not. But do their songs put me in my biggest bag? Absolutely. Here’s the must listens of the week featuring our queens Yung Miami and JT.

  1. Season (ft. Lil Baby)- City Girls
  2. Waves (ft. 6lack)- Normani
  3. 10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage)- Metro Boomin
  4. Who Hurt You?- Daniel Caesar
  5. Ice Me Out- Kash Doll
  6. SPINZ- Smino
  7. Verizon- Smino
  8. Plain Clothes- Mick Jenkins
  9. Drip- City Girls
  10. Up to Something (ft. Travis Scott and Young Thug)

Oh, and it’s still #FreeJT!

Why Renaissance?

It’s only been a couple months since I’ve launched this blog but I’ve been overwhelmed by the lessons I’ve learned and support I’ve gotten from all (3) of my readers, you know who you are! *drake vc* Since I’ve started this platform, I’ve been able to share the most creative parts of my life which has been great!

However, today I wanted to talk about what Renaissance means to me. The name came to me when I was deciding what my blog would be about. I wanted it to be a space free of boundaries where I could post any and everything I could think of. I knew I was interested in covering multiple things, somewhat like a renaissance man. Then boom- I thought about it. The Renaissance.

So here I am, a self-declared renaissance woman sharing my “wisdom”. cropped-fullsizeoutput_27dc-e1541607291533